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A project log for Infinity Dice

You don't have to tap a screen or press a button for your electronic dice fix, roll one of these and get the results anywhere!

daniel.bryanddaniel.bryand 08/21/2014 at 05:010 Comments

I have finally gotten around to making a simple design document and introduction video (kinda procrastinated on those...).

Here is the basic design of the infinity dice. It has the ATTiny at the center of the design with the Bluetooth, accelerometer, and display drivers all attached through a I2C bus in purple. The Bluetooth module that I have does not have an I2C serial communication feature, so this will have to be solved with either a different module or a I2C to SPI converter.

The red shows the power. Dark red is the USB charging power (5V), which will be regulated by the battery charge IC. The charging controller outputs the 3.3 volts from either the battery or the USB as needed to power all the other components.

The wireless section of this design shows a use of the Bluetooth feature. The phone can control the number of virtual sides on the dice, but it also acts as a bridge and brain for a smart board game. When the Infinity Dice is rolled, the number can be used to make decisions on the board game in parallel and possibly in secret from the players.

One last thing... I am still looking for some smaller screens. I would like to eventually make the dimensions of this dice comparable to a standard d6 dice. If you have any suggestions that can be easily controllable and give some good flexibility, post them in the comments!

Now, for the thing you have been waiting for... the video

I am learning a lot with this project, and one of those things is making videos like this. I am learning about presentation (if you have any constructive comments, leave them here or on Youtube) and editing videos in Blender. There will be many more skills I will have to learn before the end of this project, so thank you for pushing me Hackaday!