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e-ink, BLE enabled 'smart' watch with PCB wristband

platinenmacherPlatinenmacher 03/29/2019 at 07:340 Comments

I just finished ordering the parts and PCBs for 10 watches. Price breakdown is:

* 25 PCBs for 180$ (+ additional taxes) provided by PCBgogo

* Parts for 10 watches + surplus because of MOQ 350€ provided by Mouser

* additional 5 Displays 36$ provided by Good Display


Material price per watch ~ 60€

Now I wait for delivery. And will build up one sample. If that works well I will build up all ten of them.

After building up all of the ten watches I will be able to supply some of them to people interested. Price point will discussed when it is time to talk about selling. As you can see from the costs a price around 100€ is very reasonable and will mostly cover the cost of this production and previous experiments.