Kevins wearable head day 4

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Kevin HarringtonKevin Harrington 10/24/2016 at 02:550 Comments

Today i split my time between Ruperts body and my animatronic head.

First i added the eyes:

Next i cut a strip of foal the make the matching top and bottom teeth:

the attached the top:

And nearly decided to stop there and make him have an overbite. Instead i decided to add the bottom teeth anyway. I also added horns made from a floral foam ring:

Next i used strips of foam to shape out his head. I used the binder clips to hold the edge of the foam while the hot glue cools. It helps keep the seem tight.

And the blocked out head:

Next i added wires to hold the eyelids. If i had a bit more bandwidth i'd add parametric blinking lids to the script. I should add it soon for a class i'm teaching though...

Finally i added the black veal. It is glued along the brim of the hard hat on the inside. It drapes through the mouth acring as the blackout and i can see through the mouth when its open, and through the neck when it's closed. i have nealy unobstructed vision with the mouth open and totally unobstructed when its closed.