A little context: I'm automating engineering!

A project log for Open Animatronics

A modular, parametric and extensible Animatronics cad generation framework

Kevin HarringtonKevin Harrington 10/24/2016 at 03:140 Comments

So the big-picture point I want to make with this project is that BowlerStudio is a tool to build automated engineering.

The engineer making scripts can take all the possible constraints, the possible components and build methodologies, and embed them into parametrics. What this means is that you can take engineering knowledge, and automate access to it. I am not just *modeling* a head in software, the process of modeling it, creates it, and ensures that parts fit through parametric mutations. All of the cutouts made between two parts were made using the part that needed to fit there. Parametrics are presented to users as options, inputs to measure off what you have in front of you.

The 3d printer tells the design its nozzle diameter, the laser cutter tells the design how thick the wood actually is. THEN the parts are sent off to manufacture. It's not a manufacturing pipeline anymore, it's a conversation between manufacturing machine, vitamins, designs and the user's preferences. BowlerStudio automates that conversation, and lets the user simple get what they want with what they have laying around.