What is Anableps?

A project log for Anableps Buoy, Invasive Species Alerts

Conservation X Labs Open Challenge, Water Bound Alerts for invasive species monitoring by IR camera machine vision on a buoy

Josh StarnesJosh Starnes 07/02/2020 at 06:440 Comments

Anableps is a fish with compounded eyes, they are know to be they are known to be the 4 eyed fish. They really still have two eyes but they are split in such a way they have a much wider range of view and also range of light sensitivity. This is where the project gets the name. :) 

Anableps will have 5 Raspberry Pi Driven cameras that also use a kind of machine vision to match up the probability what is on the video image is an invasive species. When we get a hit the video clip is saved so that it can be uploaded next time it connects to the home base.

Connectivity. In most cases Cellular is the way to go but Wifi  mesh with repeater buoys also driven by raspberry PI board

This project will take some queues from my previous experience with raspberry pi vision and monitoring with my watchdog robotic project which I will link here and post a couple pictures

This is just  to illustrate what I am thinking for wildlife monitoring, I only got so far on this project, but I would love to revive it in the form of invasive species monitoring which is much more exiting and watching for neighborhood dogs poop in my yard.

The goal would be to fit these kinds of components into a buoy form factor that is fully solar powered.