Of course I wasn't just going to replace one with the other. So is did some probing and figured out that the supply voltage was the same(5V) and the LED Backlight pins seemed backwards.
Before I soldered the new display in place I wanted to confirm my assumptions by driving the old display with an arduino and the code for the new one.

I used the "6-wire-method" to send data to the display and had the Read/Write pin(6) pulled low.

The contrast pin is connected to the wiper of a pot and the Led anode pin(old 16/ new 15) through a 220 Ohm resistor to VCC.

To my surprise it worked and I could go on with soldering the new display on place of the old one.

The old display

The new display

The new display is way brighter and blue.
The Display chips on the old LCD are the: MSM5839GS and SED1278F