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A pocket sized recreation of a room filling computer from 1949

david-boucherDavid Boucher 12/28/2018 at 19:052 Comments

The demo video is finally complete! In my last post I said that I wanted to try to make a good video and it's taken a lot longer and needed a lot more work than I expected.

In explaining my project I ended up talking about the original EDSAC as much as I talked about my own work and ended up with an eight minute video rather than the five minutes that I was aiming for. If you want to skip the explanation and just see the project running, jump to 5:36.

Anyway, here is the video, I hope you like it.


Daren Schwenke wrote 01/19/2019 at 06:29 point

You don't suck at making videos.  

A little dry perhaps..  Perhaps some custom symphonic theme music overarching the journey combined with a compelling animated....

I'm kidding.  :)  *I* suck at videos.  One shot, one take, straight to Youtube is my current pattern.

You put in the work and produced what you wanted regardless of the learning curve.  Bravo.

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David Boucher wrote 01/19/2019 at 13:15 point

Thanks, I agree with you about it being a bit dry though. Something to take into account in the future.

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