Microphone Concept

A project log for The Human Connection : 1st Impression

What do the oceans under the ice of Europa sound like? Can we communicate with whatever is down there?

ehughesehughes 07/08/2014 at 14:080 Comments

For the prototype I will be using a MEMS type microphone (Knowles Acoustics).   Virtually all of the mems mics will respond into the ultrasonic bands.    I am now characterizing the current design at >20KHz.

The challenge with high frequency sensors is diffraction.   The wavelength is comparable (or much smaller) that the characteristic dimension of the sensor and can yield "lumpy" response parameters.     In fact, most of the data provided by the vendors (i.e. Knowles) shows this effect!   I am currently building the prototype mic with the parts I have on hand.    This will be a baseline to get started.    We can improve the mic down the road...