• Starting to build V3

    Goran Mahovlic10/23/2018 at 08:58 0 comments

    At the end of 2014. in my maker space Radiona I have created donation box V1 https://github.com/goran-mahovlic/Radiona_Donationbox , it was powered by raspberry pi and so complicate do replicate. Just look at th project log :)

    Now that I have TheThingsNetwork LoRa coverage in my city it is time to remake it to be easier to replicate. Idea is to create offline, no login crowdfounding solution :)

    My part of a job was to make electronics ...

    Ivica Zdelarec (member of radiona) part was to make case

    And Damir Prizmić (member of radiona) part had job to add nice pictures of our projects to this box

    Nice looking basel is added by Ivica

    Box is programmed from arduino, and you need a good serial debug for any project...

    When  all was done I needed to pickup data and parse it to check money and likes

    Then I added a web page where I could check data in real time

    And we placed donation box on exibition

    We need to build custom PCB, because I cannot get SD card working on current board

  • DonationBoxV3 in action

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