Revisiting Stripboard Techniques

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Mike TeachmanMike Teachman 08/01/2019 at 14:340 Comments

I ran across an interesting blog post on using KiCad to layout a stripboard design.

Designing professional looking stripboards using Kicad

So far I've been using manual layout methods for my stripboard prototypes.  The layout approach using KiCad appears to offer a better way to make an efficient layout.

I decided to rework the sensor board layout using KiCad.  As well, I'm splitting apart the schematic into 3 separate schematics, one for each physical module.  The new schematic for the Spec Sensor module is here.

As part of this journey I had some stripboard manufactured by JLCPCB, with the stripboard layout done in KiCad.  5 quality stripboard PCBs (10cm x 10cm) can be manufactured for USD $2.00 plus USD $8.09 shipping to Canada.

The results were excellent.  I decided that this work was worthy of a separate HD IO project called Stripboard Meets KiCad

Here is the completed sensor module using the JLCPCB stripboard