A Slimmer Power Conditioning Module

A project log for Street Sense

Portable electronic device to measure air and noise pollution

Mike TeachmanMike Teachman 09/13/2019 at 15:020 Comments

I decided to redo the power conditioning PCB module.  For these reasons:

  1. Make a slimmer version that will allow space for the LiPo battery to fit inside the vented enclosure
  2. Add 4 mounting holes for standoffs
  3. Add more test points and jumpers to facilitate voltage and current measurements
  4. Get more experience using KiCad for Stripboard layouts

Using KiCad, it was straightforward to iterate the stripboard layout to reduce the PCB width by about 25%.  This task would have been more difficult and time consuming using hand layout methods

The first version of the power conditioning module is described in an earlier project log

Here are photos of the new, slimmer power conditioning module

LiPo battery and module now fit side-by-side inside the vented enclosure

25% slimmer compared to the first version of the power conditioning module (on right)

Layout in KiCad

The schematic is here

As with all aspects of this project, it's 100% open software and hardware.  The KiCad files can be found in the Street Sense GitHub repository