Adding An ESP8266 Master Controller For Wifi Functionality

A project log for Wifi Flip Clock/Youtube Counter

I see lots of electromechanical 7 segment flip clocks and such but no easy to use universal controller modules so this is my take on it

sjm4306sjm4306 01/14/2019 at 19:470 Comments

Finally got around to programming a Wemos D1 mini (basically an ESP8266) to act as a master controller to the three slave displays. The program currently uses the Youtube API to grab my channel stats and display them on the EM displays. I also ended up using tzapu's WiFiManager ( to allow me to easily reconfigure the wifi login via a smart phone or computer by broadcasting a configuration portal directly from the Wemos. Currently I am limited to counting up to 999,999 subs with six digits but I think that will last me a very long time as I am currently just under 10K (unfortunately cant display views as I have over 1 million). Here's a quick demo of it working (and some stress testing of me seeing just how fast I could push the displays ... I will never tire of the clicky-clacky sounds they make!!!).

Next up is to design a little board for the Wemos that has some buttons, a 12V input, and some LEDs. Look forward to an update wrapping up the physical construction and moving on to improving the software and adding real-time clock functionality!