On to second prototype.

A project log for SatNOGS On Air

Single purpose indicator for a SatNOGS ground station. Are you currently receiving?

morganmorgan 02/10/2019 at 04:360 Comments

First a little catching up. Right before SuperCon I managed to finish the front side of the case. Using a Silhouette vinyl cutter I made a negative cutout reading "SatNOGS On Air" then backed with with a strip of white vinyl. The result came out great despite the beat up piece scrape acrylic I used. I'll repeat this when I make the cover for the new case.

Pulse Demo and googlie eyes.
                                                                                 Pulse Demo and googly eyes.

All good projects get googly eyes at SuperCon.

As mentioned in the previous post, this version was simply too heavy. The 2500mAh battery was a silly amount of overkill. With the redesign I wanted to get everything on one side. This made placing the battery tricky. It was too wide to lay flat and have the LEDs unobstructed and it was also too wide to place on the side without making the entire case significantly taller. I could though put it at an angle with the battery hanging over the TTGO board.

FreeCAD model of new case

                                                                            FreeCAD model of new case

This version I also flipped the board over and exposed the OLED screen, I figure if I've got it I might as well be able to use it. When being worn as a badge the screen will face me but it will be nice to have extra info anyhow.

So far the first print is looking good, it was a terrible pain to get the supports out from the battery area but once I got it cleaned up the battery fit like a dream.

Look at the fit! But that's it for now, I'll dismantle the old one for parts and there will be a follow post on that.