06 – forced drying

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Follow me building an wood fired pizza and bread oven. I use mostly stuff I got for free, with some exceptions. No Arduino added, promise!

janJan 10/30/2018 at 15:570 Comments

Edit 17.12.2018 – found a few additional pics. Added here:

This abomination of an "editor" just isn't capable of letting me add pics in between already existing pics without deleting the pic above and/or under. This bug annoys the hell out of me, reported it numerous times, nothing's happening. Anyway, here are some additional pics:

hole drilled out
it's about to get serious at this stage!
intense heat, HOPING the dome won't collapse...
no support left, dome still going strong, phew!

Original log:

October 2017 was quite the warm month. Perfect for building without sweating too much. But at the time the dome was done, it wasn't as sunny anymore. I decided to force-dry the thing:

I put a tray of burning BBQ coal in and just let it heat up a bit.

It's still quite wet, no cracks yet.
A 80mm diameter hole is needed for the chimney.
the heat from the burning coal is enough: it's steaming!
cracks from the froced drying. that's why we put a lot of straw into the mix...
these cracks need to be filled later
cut-out added on top to keep rain outside but let the water from the clay evaporate
force-drying is done. Now it's time to burn that form out! I made a protector from the cutout to prevent burning down the hedge and/or the house

Finale! Let it burn burn burn!!! It was a really strong fire. Huge flames shooting out of the oven. Really hoped no-one calls the fire dept. Luckily everything went ok :)