08 – first repairs

A project log for Wood fired clay oven – build log

Follow me building an wood fired pizza and bread oven. I use mostly stuff I got for free, with some exceptions. No Arduino added, promise!

janJan 11/04/2018 at 09:090 Comments

Clay/loam is a natural stuff. This means it does not behave exactly like you would expect it from standardized mixtures like store-bought fire clay.

So, after the first big fire in the oven, many cracks and separations formed and needed to be repaired. I prepared a good amount of very rich repair clay with lots of straw/hay/sand in it:

big cracks in the back of the oven
big cracks on the outside
smearing clay into some inner cracks
front metal separated a lot from the clay. fixed
fixed cracks in the back

After these fixes the oven was left to dry/cure for a few days. It hasn't cracked much more after those fixes.