A macro keypad for programmers

Another macro keyboard... Made with teensy lc, and whatever you can find.

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I wanted to try to work with teensy mcu, but before teensy 3.x I was looking for something to do with à teensy LC (low cost version of teensy 3.2). So I started this project : a custom programable macro keyboard, with just 5 buttons, and a custom box made of wood...
3 different macro sets can be specified, and everything is stored on a 24LC64 eeprom. The Mcu will be easily switchable.
The macro are more prerecorded command to enter, for example some common git or docker commands. A basic hexa lcd is included for command display / edit.

The main picture is a summary of what I will use in this project.

I may change some stuff regarding the problems I met (I always met a lot of problems ...)

  • Completed, not used :'(

    Emmanuel Lecomte03/28/2019 at 22:09 0 comments

    Actually it's completed since monthes ...

    The code is on github, I will upload the diags one day. It works as expected, but I have not created the code for "live update" of the macro commands.

    The problem is that I really don't use it ... 

  • Working on it

    Emmanuel Lecomte10/31/2018 at 13:43 0 comments

    I have started with the box : for this project I wanted to follow a box model, and fit the electronic to it. The box is still work in progress, it will be painted (and more holes are required ...)

    I have completed the LCD Display backpack, now I'm working on the main board. Here the expected organization :

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