Graphical Pinout Generator

A Python script to create pinout diagrams popular for documenting single board computers.

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Graphical datasheets that describe pin functions and other information about Single Board computers are very popular. However to generate them is a tedious process requiring the use of graphical art software (Inkscape, etc) and is not repeatable. So, if a board changes due to a revision, or pin-out information needs to be revised, the file needs to be edited, by hand.

In 2015 Sparkfun created a simple python script to help automate the process by producing lists of pin descriptions in a SVG. I started playing with this when I was designing my ESP32-MAXIO board, and found it helped, but still needed a LOT of manual drawing in Inkscape to make a decent looking SVG file.

This program is a complete re-implementation, and will take a CSV as input and produce the complete SVG datasheet described by the data within. Its repeatable, and one need neve

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