• Badge Printout Completed! Big hit at first day of Superconference!

    Tim Trzepacz11/03/2018 at 12:06 0 comments

    The updated front panel finished up and I took it with me to the first day of Supercon around 5pm, where I got to assemble it.

    It works! Everything fits!

    The only thing I didn't get to try was the door for the expansion board; the board fits fine as you can see. I made a couple of changes to give it a little extra clearance and reuploaded the file. 

    So all of the files are good to use now! Go get them and print them, if you still have time!

  • Final 3d print failed!

    Tim Trzepacz11/02/2018 at 13:01 0 comments

    The 3d printer failed on the front of the enclosure. 

    It just died in the middle of the print and claimed to be done. 

  • Models Updated!

    Tim Trzepacz11/01/2018 at 05:18 2 comments

    1st draft 3d print
    A first draft 3d print of the case and keyboard. Additional revisions were made after this.

    After @Roger 's test print notes, and my own test print, I made necessary changes to the 3d models and have updated them!

    The bezel around the monitor was set to truncate a little higher up, giving 4mm of clearance for the display, and the size was increased by about 1mm all around, and an extra half mm on the left side as per Roger's notes.

    The base for the board was moved down by 4mm to accommodate the acrylic that is stuck to the back of the board as shipped.

    Friction nubs and holes added to hold the expansion connector cover in place, and cleaned up a lot of details of the cover.

    Clearances for the top row of keys were fixed so that they don't get stuck on the fillet for the screen, which was also made less deep.

    Given all of those changes, I think we are good!

    I've updated all of the files in the files section if you want to try and print your own, and I'm trying a second print in the "fine" resolution, which should be done about 10pm on Thursday.

    I highly encourage others to download and print these files, especially those who actually already have a badge. Be sure to read the notes on each file for the recommended method of printing; I print with the inside down, so that the outside of the case remains smooth. This takes longer on account of the required support material, but I think it is the best way. to get a good result on the outside. The keys should probably be printed with a raft because their small size will cause them to break off of the bed mid print otherwise.

    So, please test these latest models, and hopefully they work and we can have lots of folks at Supercon with nifty badge enclosures!

    3d print of keys in fine.
    A 3d print in "fine" quality of the keys and D-pad. Some key names are more legible than others...

  • Report of Fit Test

    Roger10/31/2018 at 16:25 1 comment

    I'm doing Supercon prep work during the day and only have a few hours for my 3D printer to work at night. (Not going to leave it printing unsurpervised.) Last night I chose to print the front piece. Here it is on my Belgrade badge.

    Good news: General component layout looks good. I didn't print the buttons to see how they fit, but there's nothing glaringly misplaced.

    Bad news: It doesn't fit on the badge due to interference with the screen. My first guess is that the screen is thicker than the design allowed.

    The screen thickness is in the datasheet, but the thing used to install it on the board (double-sided foam tape?) was not. My caliper says the sum adds up to a hair over 4mm thick. (It read 4.105, if that's useful, but it varies +/- ~0.05 from place to place due to the tape.) Directly pressing on a delicate LCD would be a risk, perhaps allowing for 4.5mm of screen thickness would still look good without an insightly gap?

    Related: When displaying an image, the top, right, and bottom edges of the screen bezel dimension look good but the left border is really close to the display area. If the screen was mounted 0.5mm further to the left (I don't know the expected variance in placement location) the bezel would have blocked the leftmost part of the image.

  • First 3d print ready for a test fit... anybody got a badge?

    Tim Trzepacz10/31/2018 at 10:28 0 comments

    I finished printing the first 12 hour test print. I printed in "draft" mode , so it might not be as pretty as it could be.  Also, I only dropped one key and a spacebar and D-Pad into the test run. I'm pleased to report that everything fits and at least so far do not seem to bind when you press them, although I'll find out more when I actually have a badge to stick in it.

  • Added Fusion 360 Project Link, and team members

    Tim Trzepacz10/30/2018 at 16:58 0 comments

    I shared the Fusion 360 files and added the link to the project info.
    I also added all of the team members from the Hackaday Supercon badge project.
    Finally, I started a 3d print in draft quality as a test. I'll have some idea about it in another 12 hours...

    But now I should probably sleep.

    I've no idea how I'm gonna be awake for the Superconference...