Serial Loader for BlackMath v1.0

A project log for BlackMath

"BlackMath" is a small DSP board, based on Blackfin BF592A, using an Arduino-compatible as loader and PC interface.

Marcellus PereiraMarcellus Pereira 02/05/2019 at 00:000 Comments

As you know, the BM version 1.0 is incapable of boot from the Arduino connected SPI.

Until the new boards arrive, I built a small kludge: using and USB<->RS232C adapter, we can set the BM to boot from UART, as you can see below.

The adapter can be anyone, as long it works with 3.3V.

Download the Windows program from github and upload your LDR files to the board. This is just a temporary fix, until I get the new boards, with all corrections.

In the repository there is a test program, displaying some imagens and speed tests.