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Simple and fun game for the Superconference Badge
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I may not be able to attend the Superconference, but I can contribute to the fun.
Here is my take at programming uBasic games

Since I don't have the Superconference Badge, I require your help to test and report any of my game. Stay tune as I will update this project with updates.

Lets get the games out and ready for the conference
Lets work together and make it work

Here are the list of the game and brief description:

Catapult and Castle: your typical crush the castle game
Status: Not tested yet. Be the first to report and earn some robot point!
Note: To start, I have assume that the instruction "kin" return the ascii code of the character press and this may not be the case

Drag Racer: 2 Player game where you need to shift the gear of your race car. Be the fastest!
Status: Not tested. Be the first to report and earn some robot point!
Note: The user input will need some work. The game might very be fast pace

Work In Progress:
4 player game where the one will try to 'eat' the other player

The project is now on hold until further feedback from those who can test it.

I really wish I could get my hand on a badge, PM me if you know a way.


Dual Player Drag Race 4 choice of color scheme for your car! Be the Fastest

plain - 3.89 kB - 11/01/2018 at 14:38



Crush the castle and conquer the world

plain - 2.32 kB - 11/01/2018 at 14:38


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