First Prototype Update!

A project log for Open Source Espresso Machine

Final year university project, producing an open source espresso machine and sharing the blueprints with the maker community

Zack MossZack Moss 04/08/2019 at 12:140 Comments

Using the components from the DeLonghi Dedica Style EC685.M, a first prototype open source machine is under construction (as shown below), fitting these components into a new casing, comprising of two boxes, and replacing the control board with an Arduino. All the electrical components were placed into one box, all the water-carrying components in the other, to try and reduce the chance of electrical failure.

Pump Housing

Firstly, the pump was placed in a simple 3D printed housing, as shown below.

However, this resulted in high levels of vibration. So, a new housing (shown below) was made that emulates the one in the existing machine. Results of the vibration in this new housing will be made available in the next blog post.

Group Head

The group head from the existing machine was sawn off and bolted onto the new machine, as it was integrated into the casing (see below). 

For the next prototype a 3D printed group head which fits with some of the available components was made, similar to the structure in the existing machine. The first attempt fit the components but not the portafilter (See below), so the design is currently being altered.


Legs were 3D printed to increase the height of the machine, so that there was room for a mug under the group head. However, during installation on of the legs broke due to shearing (see below). Therefore, new legs are being printed at 90% density (rather than 30% which was default). 

The first prototype should be finished within the next week, so expect another blog post soon with more detail on the design and results from testing!