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    Decide you want to make keyboard.

    Be very sure you want to make THIS keyboard.

    Still here? Okay let's do this.

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    Design a PCB.

    Or use mine,

    or redesign mine:


    Here's some tips: don't use fritzing if you are going to print using seeed (a pcb printing service). As of 2018-11-04 fritzings gerber exports don't work with their service.

    I ended up using easyeda, it even has a web interface if you're lazy. Or a linux client if you're not.

    I designed one 100mm x 100mm pcb, you connect up to 3 of them by the dots on the sides, and the rows. This way you can save money and prevent extra pcbs since most places have a minimum pcb amount.

    I missed two connections on my original design below. Oops. Didn't matter.

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    Print your PCB.
    You can use something like seeed. Or if you made your pcb with fritzing use fritzings service.