Tesla Model 3 Hack with my transponder Implant.


AmieDD Tesla Model 3 Body hack implant

Level 0: Prerequisites

Tesla Model 3

Valvet Key

Level 1. Hardware - Transponder NFC/RFID Implant

Body Implant Location: Left Hand

X-Series transponder implant in bioglass encased device that I had injected through a hollow needle

xNT NFC was purchased from Dangerous Things

Price: $99 USD

Specs: xNT tag – 13.56MHz ISO14443A & NFC Type 2 NTAG216 chip

Level 2. Hardware - Tesla Model 3

2018 Tesla Model 3

Level 3. Tesla Model 3 Valet Key Data

I was able to read data on my Tesla Model 3 Valet Key

Tag Type: ISO 14443-4 NXP IBM JCOP

Technology: ISODep, NfcA

Serial Number: ***NOT Telling***

ATQA: 0x0048

SAK: 0x20

Global Platform Information:

Technologies supported

Detailed Protocol Information

Additional valet keys are $5 + tax so around $8.50

**Amie’s rambling side notes: what I find interesting is that there is no external identifier on the back or front of the valet key cards. So if you were to park in valet with 50 other Tesla Model 3, how would tell be able to tell the difference in your key card and someone else’s. Similar to hotel room keys where they just match it to the hotel room.

I’ve ordered 2 more keys and I’m going to have a Tesla service technician come out and show me how he pairs the keys to my car.

Made appointment(Monday November 26th) with Tesla to have the service technician come to my house to connect a few valet cards to see the process. I know at the Tesla service center they take your car in the back and connect the valet keycards in the back shop area. My hopes are that they having the service come to my house that I will be able to see the process of connecting the valet key to the car.

Level 4. Tesla Open Source

Tesla Model 3 Open Source

Level 5. Tesla Valet Key

Level 6. Bug Crowd

I'm part of Telsa bug crowd bounty, and I've been looking through, to see what information I can get from the car, to see if writing data to my current rfid hand implant is a possibility.

While we use Bugcrowd as a platform for rewarding all issues, please report vehicle and product related issues directly to, using our GPG key to encrypt reports containing sensitive information.


In scope

Out of scope

Sacrificing for the cause: Melting my Tesla Valet cards with acetone to get the chip

Melting the Tesla Model 3 Valet key with acetone

Process took 1.5 hours to dissolves using glass container. Strange that it dissolved from the center.( I assume because of the Tesla logo).

Success!!! We have a chip!!

AmieDD Tesla Model 3 Body hack implant

Tesla Model 3 Valet Key Chip

Tesla software update key fob

**Amie’s rambling notes: I called the Telsa service center in Dallas on 11/7/2018 and they said the key fobs aren’t out yet. 

11/10/2018 Key Fob's were released on Tesla's webpage, already sold out. Price $150

Thanks to VivoKey and Dangerous Things for helping me get my Tesla Chip Implant ready to be encapsulated! Next: to implant it!

Tesla Model 3 Transponder Hack

Version: 0.42







Amie DD.

Magical Unicorn Software Engineer