Angled, Take Two

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What's a breadboard?

JarrettJarrett 12/13/2018 at 23:302 Comments

As an update on this failed experiment, I did another spin with a different concept.

Two PCBs this time, there's the base:

And then the right angled portion:

It's using two different styles to connect the two halves. A set battery connector leaf contacts on one, and PCB copper as a target, connected via a 2mm pitch right angle header, abused to be SMD on both boards.

You can see I was doing some logo experimentation, too. Can't waste good real estate!

Due to postal strikes in my area, I wasn't actually able to get 2mm right angled headers, so I made do with dual straight headers, and bent/snipped contacts as necessary.

Then I taped up one side:

Added magnets:

And then they snap together quite well:

They have a pretty satisfying feel, and seem kinda sturdy. I might try using some cardstock or plastic on the front instead of tape, and a jig to keep the things at 90 degrees while soldering.

Also, I used three magnets only in this one, because I was having a dumb moment and didn't see that you can't have symmetrical polarities with three magnets! Silly.

Anyway, I more or less like the mechanical design, will have to test the reliability now.


Morning.Star wrote 12/14/2018 at 07:52 point

Thats very similar to the charge port on my Sony Z3. The phone's waterproof, and the USB is under a hatch which I deliberately didnt use much to save the proofing. Instead, the charge cable has two pogo's in asymmetrically shaped holes that match two studs on the phone. To keep the studs firmly in the holes against the pogo springs, there's a magnet in the cable that mates with a steel plate on the phone, between the contacts in a line.

It works, to a point, but I wish it were stronger and less wobbly. I did try and upgrade it experimentally by gluing a magnet to the plate and modifying the cable to fit over it, but I discovered an annoying side-effect to permanent magnets device-side. It will permanently wear a little beard of iron filings and need shaving regularly. That got on my nerves, as did wild screws, washers, pins and lost LEDs appearing on both the cable and the phone thereafter.

My wrist devices also had pairs of N45 magnets holding the strap closed. They stick to everything, railings, shopping trolleys, money [hysterically], phone boxes and all my tools of course. Thats useful, a line of watchmakers screwdrivers on your wrist, along with nuts bolts washers and stuff where you can find them without looking.

Ahhh, magic magnets ;-) I wish you luck with this one...

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Ted Yapo wrote 12/14/2018 at 03:18 point

I like the idea of having magnets hold the connectors together! The polarity of the magnets could even enforce the electrical polarity of the connection.

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