Print the housing top with a strong material, face down.  No support material needed. Its thin walled as the pushbuttons only have .025" of travel, so it needs to be thin. I printed with carbon filled nylon, which seems to work fairly well. I also printed ASA, but I like the nylon best.

Print the bottom with supports, with the back of the housing facing up. 

Secondary Ops

Remove the support and Install the M3 inserts with a heat-staking tool or soldering iron.

Switch wiring

I had planned on wiring in the switch, but there is no easy way looking at the board gerbers to interrupt power with a simple cut and jump. Ideally the board would have 2 plated thru holes connected with a track that can be cut. Looking for some ideas on this one.


Remove the taped on acrylic back from the badge.

The badge floats in the housing with minimal constraints

Screw the 2 covers together once the badge is lined up with the front holes.

Proto Board

The proto board can be installed/removed after the housing is assembled. There is 1 screw used to hold the proto board when installed. 

To Do List

1. Determine best method of wiring the power switch

2. silkscreen or vinyl label of button layout, as it's not easy to remember all the keys