Prototype Version 2 In Process

A project log for Hintha Modular Prosthetic Hand

An affordable, durable, bespoke prosthetic hand system developed in and for low-income settings

Jason BenderJason Bender 11/24/2018 at 07:120 Comments

24 Nov 2018 // Jason Bender // Taunggyi, Myanmar

Printing for prototype version 2 (v0.2) is underway! Re-design of essential components also allowed for some better design processes within Fusion 360, which should help with ongoing development.

As it stands, the total print time for the prototype of the hand is looking like:

Palm / Base: 4.5hrs
Index + Middle Finger Mesh: 2hrs
Ring & Pinky Fingers: 1.75hrs
Thumb & Pivot: 1.75hrs
Ratchet Assembly: 2.25hrs
TOTAL: 12.25hrs

This is with Polymaker PLA at 20% infill and 0.25mm layers on the Lulzbot Mini ('Standard' settings in Cura), except for the ratchet, which was printed at 0.18mm ('High Detail').  Obviously the final production devices will have increased infill and therefore longer times, but given the power situation in Myanmar, I was really happy with how I have been able to break it down into small manageable chunks such that power cuts do not become so disruptive.

There will be some delay in assembly as the addition of heat-set inserts means waiting for parts from the US, but hopefully can begin to refine the parts list, make an assembly chart, and being exploring ways to incorporate some metal reinforcement for the 'Heavy Duty' version during the down time.