The whole thing is controlled by the awesome Teensy LC loaded with the always-evolving sketch that I maintain at the below linked GitHub page.

STATUS OF THE PROJECT: At the moment it's fully functional, I'm just adding some minor improvement to the code and better documentation... but moreover I'm waiting to have my printer repaired so I can print the vinyl labels ;-)

Summary of features:

  • For each control (button and slider) you can set: transmision channel, min & max value sent, type of MIDI message sent (Continuous Control, Note  On/Off, Program Change, System Exclusive), and for the buttons only: if is Toggle or Momentary.
  • Can switch between up to 4 different configuration (the above controls assignement) so you can control different gear. For example you can have a configuration for your Organ VST, one for your Roland FA-06, another on for the Crumar Gemini, and a fourth for the Nord Electro. Or you can map the control all different and use this for controlo maybe a little digital mixers... YOur needs are the only limit...
  • An "ALTERNATE" button allows to switch between Upper/Lower/Setup modes
  • Offer MIDI Output and Input both on "standard" 5pin MIDI DIN and MIDI over USB
  • Complete MIDI merge function: all what enter in MIDI and USB is sent to both Outs merged with controls generated by Drawbar Commander. This mean that you can use the Drawbar Commander as a MIDI interface too!!