Been a while... Where are we?

A project log for OpenPDA

Open-source, modular, portable computer system.

Dylan BrophyDylan Brophy 08/22/2019 at 09:140 Comments

I've completed some of my goals!

  1. Battery is working pretty well, but I still want faster charging
  2. Can connect to WiFi and list WiFi networks, but it cannot be configured yet
  3. TV-b-Gone works pretty well
  4. Laser works great Yes my PDA has a Laser.
  5. Primitive, yet clever, locking system.
  6. Even hacks the screen to play music...
  7. Can connect to a camera over WiFi

I won't illustrate all of that in this log, but it does all of those things.  But after adding so much, the circuitry has become more complex...

... and error prone.  The wires going to the resistive touch plates break regularly, so I have to fix them a lot.  So I think I'm going to order a PCB.  But when it works (99% of the time), it's quite nice.  Here's the home screen:

Also - I have two now.  You can also see the wireless program open in this image.