Proof of Concept: Raspberry Pi Handheld - Part 3 - Nearly Complete

A project log for Teensy Thumb Keyboard

Handheld tactile switch keyboard for Teensy 3.2 compatible boards.

Anthony DiGirolamoAnthony DiGirolamo 11/11/2018 at 05:460 Comments

Everything looks good! All that's missing is a hole for the sliding power switch on the back cover. I wired the low bat pin on the Adafriut PowerBoost to the Teensy. When the battery is running low the teensy can send a message over the serial USB to the RPi3 and pop up a notification to the user. Software and code are pending and will be added to github soon. 

Keyboard behaves as a standard USB keyboard as expected using PJRC's excellent USB Keyboard and Mouse library: There's some bonus functionality for using the D-pad to move the mouse cursor around. That turned out to be useful for the non-touch screen. By the way this really needs a touch screen, I've repeatedly tapped on the screen expecting something to happen despite knowing it doesn't work.

Time to get back to some pico-8love2d and maybe tic-80 coding.