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A project log for Teensy Thumb Keyboard

Handheld tactile switch keyboard for Teensy 3.2 compatible boards.

Anthony DiGirolamoAnthony DiGirolamo 11/20/2018 at 07:270 Comments

I've gotten the code more or less in a shareable state. Still not perfect I'm sure, but good enough for now.

The layout for USB keyboarding is defined here:

If you don't need a USB keyboard and are rolling your own hardware project then you can focus on this layout:

There are three layers defined: base, shift, and Fn layers.

USB can be disabled by commenting out define USE_TEENSY_USB_KEYBOARD

All the keyboardy goodness is handled by the keyboard_update(); function called from inside the standard arduino loop().

If you don't need the keys to behave like a keyboard you can gut most of that example and just use key_matrix.update(); The KeyboardMatrix class handles reading the button states.

An alternative firmware option for a pure USB keyboard would be to run the excellent