CNC Mini Lathe

3D Printable and Laser Cut CNC Mini-Lathe

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The aim is to design a CNC mini lathe which can be constructed from 3D printed parts, parts cut on a 300x500mm CO2 laser, and off the shelf drive components. One could technically buy a cheap 3D printer with 8mm linear rails then use it to print a lathe frame. Then convert the 3D printer to a lathe. My end goal is to be able to lathe magic wands. And probably lots of other stuff.

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Dave wrote 03/13/2019 at 02:58 point

I guess I should note that I have 3D printed and assembled most of the structures in the images plus a working 3 jaw chuck from Thingiverse.  The toolpost is the primary major component to be finished. Much work has been done on the toolpost design but no physical parts have been made.

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Dave wrote 03/13/2019 at 02:55 point

Pardon the lack of progress.  My health has limited by ability to work on this. However, progress was made. Once I am feeling a bit better I will upload some more photos.

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