Mounted inside echo dot - done!

A project log for S/PDIF from Echo Dot

Adding an S/PDIF / toslink connection to an Echo Dot

Daniel1111Daniel1111 11/21/2018 at 19:420 Comments

Instead of trying to find a way to mount my last attempt at a PCB inside the echo dot, I added some mounting holes and sent it off to allpcb, and got the boards back in less than a week, not bad.

New versions:

Only change to the schematic is that the second input to PLL is the MLCK from the Dot (previously it was clkout from the WM8805). But it's not used; I figured it'd be nice to have the option though.

KiCad 3d render of PCB

Assembled PCB mounted in and connected to Echo Dot

Front view with 3.5mm optical connector in the side.

Side view of echo with new optical socket.


But it works - audio is 48kHz and sounds fine so long as something is plugged into the headphone socket (it sounds terrible without - I assume some EQ for the small internal speaker). So I'm going to call this "done".