Starting To Prep The Cluster

A project log for DIY Homemade Scania Truck Simulator

This is my first big project building a homemade truck simulator with real scania 4 series parts

ronni-bantzRonni Bantz 11/16/2018 at 02:050 Comments

Got some more parts yeastaday (Light diode's, diode mounts an the zero delay usb encoders)so now we move on with prepping the instrument cluster

Now we need something to actualy mount the servos and diode mounts to, so i laid a pice of paper over the backside of the cluster an made a paper template of where the diffrent holes should be. I then transferred it to a pice of old thin wooden plate i had laying arround

Then it was just a case of grabbing the drill, the Jigsaw and some sandpaper to make the cluster backplate

When that was done i test fitted the backplate on the cluster to see if everything fit, an fortunately it did :) Then i skrewed the diode mounts in place (Unfortanley i diden't buy quit enough of them) and put the different diode's in the mounts

Then i started the soldering work and got a few diode's finished before my soldering iron gave up, here is what it looks like so fare

So now we are at kind of a stand still until i get a new soldering iron an get some more parts, wich will be around the 1. december. I'm planing on that the next big part i will get is the actual dashboard of a scania 4 series so that we can start building the structure