Starting to asemble the cluster

A project log for DIY Homemade Scania Truck Simulator

This is my first big project building a homemade truck simulator with real scania 4 series parts

ronni-bantzRonni Bantz 12/01/2018 at 01:310 Comments

Today i recivede some of the servo's so i thought i would start asembeling the cluster again :)

I started out with drilling and grinding a hole in the back of the rpmcounter, and fitted the servo, then i drilled a small hole in the needel and found a screw that was long enough to reach from the needel to the servo. 

Then i just put the revcounter dial back in place and screwed the needel on to the servo the same thing with the fuel gauge and water temp gauge.

With the speedometer i started out wirh cutting out a hole in the backplate the servo would fit throug, then mounted the servo with a couple of short screws, drilled a small hole in the needle and assembled the hole thing. 

I also made a small wooden plate to mount on the backside to mount the background light diode to.