Prepping The dashboard

A project log for DIY Homemade Scania Truck Simulator

This is my first big project building a homemade truck simulator with real scania 4 series parts

ronni-bantzRonni Bantz 01/02/2019 at 16:350 Comments

Finaly i got a hold of the dashboard, so now the project countinus :) 

Started with unscrewing the handbrake (From underneath you unscrew the big monunting bracket ) and disasembling the handbrake. Got rid of moste of the parts and kept only the top. 

I then screwed a srew in to the bottum of the handle so there was somthing to activate the microswitche. 

I screwed som wood on to the big mounting bracket to have somthing to mount the microswiches to. 

Then i mounted the handbreake handle back onto the bracket, alligend the 2 microswitche and mounted them on to the wood,. an put the hole thing back onto the dashboard and wired the microswitche and the emergency blink kontakt to the Zero Delay Usb Encoder that i have mounted in the glowbox  on a pice of plywood.

Now it is just a matter of soldering the rest of the contactpanels and the cluster and wire them to the usb encoders and arduino