Frame Building & mounting of the first parts

A project log for DIY Homemade Scania Truck Simulator

This is my first big project building a homemade truck simulator with real scania 4 series parts

ronni-bantzRonni Bantz 02/06/2019 at 20:480 Comments

So I finally got the wood I needed to start building the actual frame for the simulator.  

For the buttom plate I used a big 1000X2000 cm particle board, the actual framing is made with 38X57 mm lathes. 

The vertical lathes is attached to the buttom plate with angle brackets,  then  it was just a matter of filling in the gabs between them with the horizontal lathes making a square box to mount the parts on. 

Then I started covering the frame with pices it partickel board , very simpel just cut to size with a jigsaw and screwed on to the lathes. 

I then mounted the steering bracket / pedal assembly on to the frame, this was done using the original Scania mounting bracket by drilling holes in the lathes and screwing it all together with some big bolts I had leftover from a mailbox