rev. 1.1.1b review and rev. 1.1.1c

A project log for Xplained Yourself

Xplained like mEDBG debugger for almost all former Aymel's AVR and ARM microcontrollers

vidmovidmo 12/02/2018 at 16:070 Comments

This is how ready Xplained Yourself rev. 1.1.1b looks like:
It works great. I tested it with ATmega328P and ATtiny1616 as far. It can program and debug, no surprise here :)
I didn't have ferrite bead so I replaced it with piece of wire, also I didn;t have one 47u capacitor, so I replaced 1117's output cap with 1u ceramic one. I'll order them when I'll have more parts to buy.

I made few minor mistakes:

I changed that in 1.1.1c. I also added some improvements: