New VisiCut Version - Backing up my Profile

A project log for Inkscape + VisiCut = Perfect Lasercutting Workflow

A brief summary on how I use my K40 laser cutter with custom GRBL controller. However, this workflow should work for all GRBL lasers.

Timo BirnscheinTimo Birnschein 12/01/2021 at 14:090 Comments

Pre-Job: $H,G21,G90,M3 S0

Post-Job: G0 X0 Y200 S0,M5 S0,$H

Raster Enmgraving DPI: 150,300,600,1200

Raster Engraving Overscan: 5 mm

Unfortunately, the new version of VisiCut will simply nuke your old settings. Maybe I'm doing this wrong but when I tried to start the new version, yesterday, I got a warning that all of my custom settings will be overridden when I proceed. Clicking cancel still killed my settings. I think there must be a better way to handling an update to make it more user friendly... Let's see if I can reproduce my results with the new code base.

UPDATE after initial testing:

It works! To my gig surprise, the Generic G-Code Sender laser cutter profile works and they even added a feature that I added myself a few years back to overscan the raster engraving lines such that the acceleration of the laser head towards the ends of the line does not impact the quality of the engraving.