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Automated aquarium monitor with Web GUI. daisychain units can control multiple tank all from the one master unit. PI/Arduino/ESP Powered

craig-hissettCraig Hissett 08/05/2017 at 01:220 Comments
A month or two ago I was lucky enough to he selected to trial the titular wifi module by dfrobot:

ESP WiFi Bee

I applied for the review programme as I was looking for some simple methods of adding wifi to my arduino-based control unit. The module came a while ago, but I chose to order a Bee-compatible Arduino shield to make connecting the board to the Arduino easy. To test the module out I am going to add it to an Arduino Uno with a Nokia display shield to create a 'test control unit' to fire sample data to my Hub unit when demonstrating my multi-tank setup:

Using the WiFi Bee is fantastically simple when using Bee-compatible boards; just plug it in. Although it has a lot of pins I was relieved to find it only uses a handful; 3.3v, ground, and two pins for serial.

The shield I have bought in the above picture has two Bee ports; one for connecting to the hardware serial port on the Arduino, and one for connecting to a software serial port.

I have opted to use a software serial port for it, leaving the hardware serial port clear for uploading sketches without having to remove it.

Next step I will tweak my code to work with the Uno (currently written for a Wemos D1) and report my findings here.

If the code is easily tweaked I may opt to use my Arduino back in the control unit and use the Wifi Bee for wifi communication. The Arduino enclosure I am using (the ArduiBox by @Hartmut Wendt ) features a nice open prototyping area meaning i could easily solder the Bee in and use it along with my Relay shield.

So far - loving it!