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A project log for 2 Transistor 4 state FlipFlop

This circuit with 2 transistors, 4 LEDs and a few resistors has four stable states !

roelhroelh 11/21/2018 at 21:250 Comments

In the comments @matseng  said that he wants to build a memory system that also heats his room with 3000 Watt. Problem is, that the first design generates 1.1 Watt for 2 bits storage. So he can only store 5454 bits (680 bytes).

I made a new version for him, that uses only 50mW for two bits (10 mA at 5 volts). Now his 3000 Watt heating system will have 120kbit storage (15 kilobyte). That will be enough for some very nice programs ! 

The supply voltage was dropped from 12 volt to 5 volt, and low-current LEDs are used. All resistors were re-calculated. The file section has the Falstad model for this design.

(Note that in the Falstad simulator, you can edit the properties of a LED, and set the current that is needed to let them fully light up. So I did set that to 1 mA for this simulation.)