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    Step 1: Examples of the Web Tool - The Practical and The Aesthetically Pleasing

    The image above illustrate the different ways you can use the web tool.  The image on the left shows the cross braces on my 3D printed bracket. These serve a practical purpose in that they add strength to the part.  With Santa’s sleigh I used the Web tool to design the little swirlies which not only make it look more pretty but also makes it possible to 3D print the part on its side.

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    Step 2: The Problem

    The bracket in the above image doesn’t have any cross braces and therefore it wobbles around and is a bit unsteady when attached to my print bed.  Let’s tweak the design by using the Web tool to add the cross braces.

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    Step 3: Create Sketch

    In order to use the web tool to create the braces, we first need to create a sketch.  Since I want to add braces on the inside of my bracket, we’ll start by creating a sketch on the inside bottom surface.

    After creating the sketch, we can then use the Line tool to draw lines where we want the cross braces to go.  Click Stop Sketch once you complete drawing your lines.