Charlieplexing 128 LEDs (8x16)

Using an Arduino board design and incorporating a 8x16 LED screen

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This is my latest project. It is a proof of concept for a more complicated PCB design I hope to complete by the fall of 2019.

This PCB design is based on the Arduino-Pro-Mini.

All files can be found here

  • Board Revision 1

    Joshua Grupp12/03/2018 at 02:15 0 comments

    In the process of writing the program, I realized 2 of the pins I had assigned to control the LEDs (AD6 & AD7) were not able to be used as digital outputs.  I could wait for the boards to arrive and do some cleaver soldering to make the changes, but I'm able to re-order PCBs on for only $2 plus shipping.  I'm not moving the footprints, so I can still use solder screen they are shipping me.  I guess this is a lesson to verify your board layout before committing.

  • Ordered PCB and parts

    Joshua Grupp11/23/2018 at 03:37 0 comments

    Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. Since I had time off from work, I finalized the design and ordered the boards from and the parts from it's sister company LCSC.  When I get some time later, I'll update the component list for the PCB.  I ordered 10 PCBs and parts to make 5 of them.  I know that's a little overkill.  I only need one functioning board for testing, but 5 boards cost me the same as 10.  Also, by the time I order parts for 1 complete board, it barely cost anymore to get parts for 5 total, so why not.  I'll have 5 boards left over just in case someone wants one.

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