Ordered PCB and parts

A project log for Charlieplexing 128 LEDs (8x16)

Using an Arduino board design and incorporating a 8x16 LED screen

Joshua GruppJoshua Grupp 11/23/2018 at 03:370 Comments

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. Since I had time off from work, I finalized the design and ordered the boards from and the parts from it's sister company LCSC.  When I get some time later, I'll update the component list for the PCB.  I ordered 10 PCBs and parts to make 5 of them.  I know that's a little overkill.  I only need one functioning board for testing, but 5 boards cost me the same as 10.  Also, by the time I order parts for 1 complete board, it barely cost anymore to get parts for 5 total, so why not.  I'll have 5 boards left over just in case someone wants one.