Assembly of 1st two boards

A project log for Charlieplexing 128 LEDs (8x16)

Using an Arduino board design and incorporating a 8x16 LED screen

Joshua GruppJoshua Grupp 01/20/2019 at 21:590 Comments

128 LEDs sure is a lot. I didn't realize until I solder them all. Also, I learned properly aligning a USB connector is harder without using mounting holes. In this case, the USB only supplies the circuit with power. Programming is done from the row of pins below the chip.

The next thing to do will be to upload the Arduino bootloader. For this, I'll be using one of the Teensy boards I have. This project has many firsts for me. One first is using an Arduino compatible chip or a chip with a bootloader. I'll determine if I really need one. I know I can use the entire memory space by not using one. I guess I'll see what works best.