Completed first mini production of prototype boards

A project log for Board for modular LED wearables

Board design which makes it easy to attach LED light strips (APA102). No soldering is required by the maker who is using this board

Sander van de BorSander van de Bor 02/21/2019 at 04:570 Comments

Last couple of days I have been working on the first small production run of prototype boards which I can use for upcoming classes. I will make some available on Tindie as well. Making about 16 of these took a little bit longer then anticipated due to some damaged RGB leds. The APA102 RGB's came in a sealed bag, so I decided not to bake these before use, but that was a big mistake! I could hear them popping in the reflow oven around 200°C. Fortunately I was able to recover all the boards by removing the APA102 RGB and solder the replacement by hand. I still have to finalize the Arduino board manager (create the JSON file) and check if all the push buttons are working. One of the buttons is connected to the reset pin, but with the micronucleus bootloader this pin is no longer needed and I can burn the fuse to make it a regular pin.