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A project log for Hacking the 4952

Reverse engineering and building applications for the HP 4952A Protocol Analyzer

David KuderDavid Kuder 12/25/2018 at 01:530 Comments

Hey folks, I've uploaded a good portion of the code I've got so far to GitHub here.  Some / many of these examples are buggy or very limited in scope.  If you have a different firmware revision, many of the examples will surely crash as I've not implemented anything to generate the extern table for the runtime linker yet.  Yep, HP had the foresight to implement dynamic linking on the 4952 so you could run apps compiled for a different firmware build.

The basic sources included don't currently compile as they are based around a different keyboard routine I've not posted yet, but that should change in the next couple days.

Merry Christmas friends!