Replicating Success

A project log for Hacking the 4952

Reverse engineering and building applications for the HP 4952A Protocol Analyzer

David KuderDavid Kuder 12/25/2018 at 07:100 Comments

Over to the left in the links section you can find links to various pages on the HP Computer Museum to download the HP utility software for downloading applications to the 495X Protocol Analyzers, various software that came with the PODs, and general information that is useful for replicating my success.

5XREMOTE.EXE is a 16-Bit DOS application for transferring files back and forth, and doing various remote control tasks.  This software works fine in DOSBox if you set your serial port up using directserial in the dosbox config file.  While the 4952 supports 19200 baud for the remote connection, the DOS software only appears to support upto 9600 baud.