Metaboard Redesign

In our project we have redesigned Metaboard and added some peripherals.Functionalities of all the peripherals are tested.

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Metaboard is a software only implementation of a low speed USB device for Atmel's AVR microcontrollers.Metaboard emulates USBAsp.We added USB to UART serial converter chip(CH340) to create virtual COM PORT and to support Metaboard's UART functionality. We also added EEPROM to enhance the storage capacity.A jumper is used to select between programming mode(USBasp) and Serial Communication mode.When JP1 and JP2 are connected between 2nd and 3rd pin, Board is in Programming mode and when connected between 1st and 2nd pin it is in Serial Communication mode.Metaboard is preflashed with a USBLoader which bootloads into USBasp programmer.To flash the programm on the board keep board in Programming mode.Make connection at the Upload jumper and press the reset switch. Once this is done Metaboard enters into bootloader mode and is detected as USBasp on PC. Now board can be programmed.

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