IR Remote Controlled Relay Board

This project is based on IR communication.we have used the NEC protocol based IR remote to control 2 channel relay board.

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IR signal is received using IR receiver Tsop1738 which works on 38 kHz frequency. It receives the signal from the remote and sends the signal to 8051 microcontroller (at89s52 which has 11.0592 MHz crystal oscillator).The output pin of the Tsop is connected to INT0 pin of 8051,Whenever signal is received by Tsop,an interrupt is raised and timer is enabled to decode the the NEC protocol based received signal. According to the key pressed on the remote,the relays which are interfaced with the microcontroller will turn on and off.We have used an USB asp programmer to program the microcontroller ,keilUvision 5 to generate the hex file and the software used to burn the code is progisp. This IR remote controlled relay board can be used for home automation applications.

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Sample code

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