For comunicate with the device we need the internal IP + MAC

The prodotocoll is pretty symple but since today this kind of device is not fully supported but really easy to implement.

import broadlink 

# set this variables
strHost = '' #ip device
strMac = 'xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:' #mac device

# other stuff: 
strType = '0x4ead' #HYSEN THERMOSTAT TYPE

#convert mac string 
macbytes = bytearray.fromhex(strMac.replace(':',''))

#get the broadlink hysen device
device = broadlink.hysen((strHost,80),macbytes,strType)

# get auth for futher comunications 

#from now you can talk with the device, for example read the complete status : 
data = device.get_full_status()

# do wathever you want with data :) 

Sample implementations: 

Next step:

  • implement the core features for an hysen device 
  • implement the "setter" code section
  • clean code
  • upload to github for public release